Saturday, August 8, 2015

I am a wife now

Alhamdulillah, after 7 years of dating we tied the knot on 2.5.2015. What a throwback this post is. 
I'll try my best to update this blog from now on. I think it is very important to document what happen in your life. My husband suggested doing a vlog, but for now I prefer writing. Maybe after I move in with him (pray hard I will!) I will start a vlog. :D

Being a wife is fun! You get to be with your husband everywhere without people scolding you (haha!) I love going out with him even if it just for groceries. We even celebrated our first raya this year as husband and wife! Another highlight of the year! And I'm so excited to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary this coming Sept and Oct!  

The sad part is, we are still living far away from each other. He is working in Cyberjaya and I am here in Sarawak. Our money would be save for flight tickets. Flying during school holiday is so expensive! I'll apply for transfer this Sept. I can't do this long distance thing anymore. Enough is enough la.